A Beginner’s Crochet Adventures: The Ripple Blanket begins

I think I’ve finally worn Gareth down. He’s found a lovely crochet blog for me to follow! It’s by Lucy at Attic24 and you can find it here:

The particular piece he showed me is a ripple blanket in coastal colours: sky blues, sea greens and greys and golden yellow sands.

Of course, I’d read about the ripple stitch but I hadn’t given it a try. This is the perfect excuse to bump it to the top of my expanding list of crochet projects. If Gareth is encouraging me,  how could I refuse?

As beautiful as the coast blanket colours are, they aren’t really me. And if I am going to tackle a huge piece like a blanket I don’t want any reason to get fed up of it half way through. 
I’ve analysed Lucy’s coastal colours and categorised them into light, dark and neutral. Then I’ve matched my preferred colours in the same ratio. I hope this will ensure my blanket has the same overall balance.


I have my yarn, Lucy’s pattern, my hook, stitch markers. Ready to make a start? Very nearly.  I want to practice the ripple stitch first. I’ll be doing an awful lot of it, so I better get it nailed down first.  Indeed, Lucy, the pattern writer strongly suggests it, and how right she is to do so.

The sample piece is based on a chain of 31 stiches: two repeats of 14 stitches wide plus three chain. And four rows deep, two of each colour.
My first attempt is a disaster. Finding the correct place to insert my hook into a foundation chain is very difficult. 

The first ‘leg’ has six stitches instead of four. How did I manage that! This means that my final leg is short. I managed the turn, but didn’t bother to complete the second row, as it was obvious to me that I really needed to start again. Good job I’m practicing beforehand. Can you imagine how wonky the finished blanket would have been if I’d just gone straight into it!


I set my hook aside and gave crochet a rest for a couple of hours, before making my second attempt at conquering the ripple stitch. 
Success! The initial row is still a nightmare.  So fiddly,  nothing to grip on to and little strength or rigidity.  But at least my work looks like Lucy’s own photos of her practice sample.


I must give full credit to Lucy and Attic24. Her tutorial is invaluable, her work is beautiful and without her I wouldn’t be able to tackle the blanket at all. The pattern is entirely her work, I simply swapped the colours.

So there are no longer any barriers in the way, other than my own confidence.  I’m actually quite nervous about starting a blanket.
The foundation chain will be 213 stitches (15 repeats of 14 stitches plus three chain), compared to 31 in the sample. And I can’t remember exactly how many rows but at least 150, compared to four in the sample. This is crochet on a scale I’ve never attempted before.

But there’s no sense in doing all the preparation and then not carrying it through.  It’s a wet bank holiday, so I’ve nothing else on except possibly watch the obligatory James Bond film.

No. Today is the day the ripple blanket gets started. Deep breath, coffee and biscuits to hand…..let’s go crochet!


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