A Beginner’s Crochet Adventures: A delightful stress!

My office friends have cottoned on to my crocheting.   I’m getting requests from them, and I’m more than happy to oblige!  I love the sense of sharing and the interest they show. And I’m flattered, if the truth be known! Perhaps I can start an office crochet revolution?

Despite the stunning late warm summer in Wales, autumn will be with us soon and thoughts turn to autumn events.  November has many I’m sure, but here are the two that I’m crocheting for – Movember and Remembrance Sunday.

I work in a college, and although my office is entirely girls, there are an increasing number of men who take part in Movember.  The campaign is aimed at men and women, but other than a cash donation its quite difficult for us girls to show our support. Moustaches are fashionable again (at least pictures of them are all over jumpers, bags etc) and the girls in the office would love a moustache of their own..and here’s where my crochet requests come in.  Could I crochet a moustache for all of us?  I’ve no idea, I’ve never tried but I’m definitely up for it!  

Ravelry has given me plenty of inspiration.  

This chunky 3D moustache from Joyce Overheul.  You can find it here



Or this super curly one from a serious looking Sheena Wong.  You can find this one here: 


My second November event is Remembrance Sunday. And I’m afraid I rather bought this one on myself.

This proper paper poppy is by Crafty Mama Sanchez, pattern here: 


I spent one lunchtime crocheting this pattern.  Naturally, everybody loves it and now I’ll make one for all my office girls.

Mama Sanchez also has a blog which is worth checking out.


Happy crocheting times are ahead for me, as well as ploughing on with Ripple Blanket!


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