A Beginner’s Crochet Adventures: Upcycled Yarn Bowl

Yarn bowls are undoubtedly things of beauty. Wooden bowls to hold a ball of yarn, with a cut-out channel to feed the yarn. Like this one…


And this one too…image

I’d love one. But I have to stay within a budget. Maybe I can drop hints in time for Christmas!

In the meantime I could do with a way to keep to tame my yarn.  In the best efforts up-cycling, decide to make my own and chop the bottom off a soft drinks bottle.


Not nearly as pretty, but cheap and comes without any guilt over felling trees. Question is….does it work?

No and yes. The top edge is rough and catches the yarn occasionally.  I’ll resolve this, either sandpaper or a strip of electrical tape folded over the top should do the trick.

The bowl is unstable, it’s too lightweight and falls off the table.  I wonder how I could add weight to the base, but find a much easier resolution.  Grip it gently between my feet.


I’ve no trouble at all now with the bowl tipping over, I hook away to my hearts content!
But, there will be days when I want to curl up on the sofa and can’t grip it with my feet…maybe there’s still a place for a special Christmas present yet eh?


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