Pembrokeshire advertising hoardings

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Pembrokeshire is a beautiful rural county, unlike urban areas there are very few advertising hoardings/billboards.  There are three together in a row in Pembroke, but I honestly can’t recall seeing any others at all.

As you can imagine, the adverts are generally for cars, or other run-of-the-mill promotions.  But I was surprised, shocked even, to see these.  They’re beautiful colours and in a vintage style. Even more surprisingly they’re for…Pembrokeshire!!  I can’t understand why they’re advertising Pembrokeshire in Pembrokeshire, but I did enjoy looking at the adverts.




You can find out more information about Pembrokeshire national park (the UK’s only coastal national park don’t you know!) at


2 thoughts on “Pembrokeshire advertising hoardings

  1. That is very strange. You’d think that if anyone had figured out already that Pembrokeshire is beautiful it would be, um, the people of Pembrokeshire. Shouldn’t they be putting these adverts up in Cardiff and Birmingham and London? Still, if you’ve got to have advertising hoardings, these are much nicer than average.


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