A Beginner’s crochet adventures: dogtooth

I’ve had a request from my 14year old son for a crochet blanket with sleeves.
I picked the pattern, mainly because it fulfilled his request criteria and only gave a passing  thought to the complexity or simplicity of it. How difficult can it be.  It’s mostly a blanket after all.


Glyn picked the colours, stylecraft special dk sherbet, royal, and khaki. Manly man colours, no purple or pink this time!

I rewrote the pattern, omitting the alternative sizing, changing from US  to UK terms. And at Glyn’s request adapted the colour sequence from ABC ABC to ABCBABCBA.
I ordered the yarn from the lovely Emma at Lemonade Yarns in Cardiff and got stuck in. Well what else are weekends for?



..steadily turned into this…


…which grew into this…


It was about this point that I recognised the pattern developing before my eyes. Dogstooth. Or houndstooth. Apparently they’re the same but in different sizes,  with no consensus about which is the larger and which is the smaller.
I’m thrilled.  I’m a dogstooth virgin, so this is quite exciting!

I’ll post more pictures as it grows. And of course there’s the sleeves and neckline to think about. ..but that’s 150+ rows away, no need to panic yet!

Enjoy your weekend x


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