I live in Pembroke, Wales, UK, but I have for many years aspira a vivir en España with my boyfriend Gareth.

In summer 2014 I rediscovered crocheting and I suddenly realised that I have so much to say about crochet, hence this blog.

When I can tear myself away from my hooks, I’m an occasional motorbike pillion, lifelong football fan of West Bromwich Albion, a vegetarian, but mostly I’m a frustrated wunderlust. Oh, and I’m nearly deaf.

My wunderlust frustrations mean that I dream about living in Spain.  I research about life in Spain, which frankly should put me off, but doesn’t.  I try to hatch plans and scheme about how I can pull off a move to Spain, but a lack of means prevents me implementing my cunning plans.

One day all of my dreams will come true and I’ll reflect and wonder why I made such a big deal of it in the first place! (he he..now you can see how I derived this blog’s subtitle)

I’m all over social media, but stubbornly not on facebook (its soooo last season darling!).

Twitter @ohmissusgee (Good old twitter, where would I be without it?)

Instagram @ohmissusger (yes okay, my finger slipped on the keyboard when setting up the account, hence the slightly different spelling)

Google+  http://www.google.com/+JuliaDavies (Yes really, come on over, it’s so much better than you might think!)

pinterest  www.pinterest.com/ohmissusgee (mostly I repin other people’s lovely pictures)

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